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Orthodontics is an ontological specialty used to correct the position of the teeth and/or the maxilla bones which might be incorrectly positioned. This treatment allows for a more pleasant aspect and a healthier mouth which leads to an increase in vitality.


Implantology is the replacement of lost teeth or the rehabilitation of toothless spaces through the placement of implants. Dental implants are placed in the maxilla or the mandible in order to replace the roots of non-existing or lost teeth. It is a permanent, safe and pretty aesthetic solution to replace one or more teeth.

Fixed prosthesis

The fixed prosthesis can be replaced by crowns, bridges and total prosthesis supported by implants.The crown is a cape aimed at rebuilding the natural shape of the partially destroyed tooth.Ceramic facets (veneers), or simply facets are customized solid porcelain veneers applied to the vestibular (frontal) part of the teeth to improve their look and correct damages.

Removable prosthesis

There are two types of removable prosthesis: the partial and the total ones.A partially removable prosthesis can be fully made of acrylic or have a metallic part called skeleton and is used to replace one or two teeth. These are known as Skeletals.The fully acrylic prosthesis can also be fully made of acrylic or have a metal part, being used to replace all teeth.


Endodontics (usually called devitalisation) is the branch of Odontology that treats the dental pulp and dental lesions (nerve/blood vessels), located inside the tooth and surrounded by hard tissue (dentine), and which is responsible for nutrition and dental sensitivity.

Aesthetic and restoring dentistry

Aesthetic and restoring dentistry is the Dental Medicine responsible for the restoration of teeth with dental cavities lesions, changes in their shape or colour and resolution of fractures to restore the original aspect of the teeth.Besides contributing to an improvement of the oral functions through different techniques, Dentistry restores the patient’s healthy and pretty smile and contributes to an improvement of aesthetics, self-confidence and social engagement.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is the Dental Medicine specialty based on the idea of prevention, diagnosis and the surgical treatment of illnesses, traumatisms and deformities involving aesthetic and functional issues of the oral cavity or related structures. It involves removing impacted teeth (wisdom teeth), apicoectomies and oral pathology. More complex clinical cases require other specialities such as Implantology, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics or Periodontology to work jointly with Oral Surgery. In these cases an integrated and multidisciplinary treatment plan is preferred.

Dental whitening

Dental whitening is a technique which makes the teeth whiter without hurting or wearing them; all of this due to the oxidation of the teeth pigments through which the whitening agent/gel enters the surface of the tooth and frees molecules causing decolouring. This treatment is carried out through the use of an impression tray/leak prepared at the dental clinic and customized to the patient’s mouth which is used to apply the whitening gel. The gel lasts approximately 4 hours and must be used every day or alternate days for 7 to 15 days.